Thursday, March 17, 2016

Staying Organised

Confession time guys - I love making lists. To do lists. Shopping lists. Bucket lists. Lists of all the hot celebrities I fancy. Lots and lots of lists!

I can't help it, I get such great pleasure from being able to tick off something on my list. It's euphoric. Makes me feel like I've achieved something.
Making lists is one of the ways that I like to stay organised and focused. I don't like using my phone or tablet to make lists because firstly it just takes up space on your phone, and secondly it is so easy to just delete the list without doing anything. When I have an actual physical paper list in front of me, somehow it makes me feel like its set in stone. It can't be undone. So I feel compelled to finish it. I don't make a list every single day, but definitely once a week in my planner; which brings me to another love of mine.
Over the past few months I've been really into planners. On my 22nd birthday my best friend gave me a diary. A really cool, colourful diary.  It was a pretty simple diary but it helped me stay really organised and focused last year. I was able to write in all my lectures and assignment due dates; all my doctors appointments and day outs.

The diary is from a company called "The Bright Side" founded by Rachel Bright from Bristol. She makes quirky designs on all her products, whether they're diaries or notebooks,  to mugs and gardening accessories.  The products are pretty affordable too and found in most stores on the high street. I especially loved the quirky comments at the start of each month, and the little annotation on random days telling you what day it was. Did you know Broccoli Appreciation Day is followed by a Doughnut Eating Day?!

I loved it so much that around summertime I pre-ordered the 2016 dairy.  I love using the diary to make notes of any lectures or meetings or appointments I may have. Since it's pretty compact, around the size of an A5 book, it's easy to carry it in my bag, which allows me to make any notes or check my plans if I'm out.
I highly recommend this company.

My love for lists and organisation also extended to planners. One day I somehow ended up spending 4 hours watching "Plan with Me" videos and decided I needed a planner. So after a bit of research I settled on "The Happy Planner" by Me and My Big Ideas (Mambi), and placed an Amazon order for one.

Now I know it sounds weird to have essentially two diaries, but just hear me out. 
I use the Happy Planner to do a more detailed plan of my week - meetings, lectures, revision, and even food logs to help me stay healthy. Planning helps me get a nice idea of what my week will be like- I can make to do lists of what needs to be done that week; plan meals and workout days.  It also helps me keep track of my spending and water habits, as well as get an idea of what days I'm most likely to be busy or out so I can be prepared.

The best thing about planner like the Happy Planner is that you can spend time decorating them.
Add washi tape and stickers and all sorts of stuff. I like to plan on a Sunday if I can, and believe me it is so therapeutic. Who would have thought decorating a few boxes could be so relaxing, eh?

At first I bought some glossy and matte sticker paper from Amazon and just printed some free stickers out to decorate my diary with. This eventually became really tiring and time-consuming, so I recently spent time on Etsy, trying to find fun stickers for my planner. I came across this particular shop that stocked stickers for TV shows, and I'm not gonna lie my heart skipped a beat. I'm addicted to planning now! 

The stickers are printed on a really nice matte paper, which I like because glossy paper often smudges -  I have first hand experience of this. I ordered quite a few TV show stickers, as well as some functional ones.
The shop owner was kind enough to send me some extra stickers that I am really pleased about, as well as a discount code for any of my lovely readers, which are:
FASY25 for 10% OFF with min $25 purchase
FASY50 for 15% OFF with min $50 purchase

If you like planning and want to invest in some stickers I would definitely check this store out, especially if you're a TV fanatic like me. 

So that's how I like to stay organised and prepared, most of the time.
Writing lists, keeping an appointment diary and a daily planner.
It might be a bit excessive for some, but I like it. I can make sense of my life, sort of, and get some relaxation time when I'm decorating.

Let me know if you like making lists or not. Perhaps you're a planner person like me and might have some tips to share, so leave me a comment and we can chat!

Till next time

Sunday, March 06, 2016

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