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Supernatural and Project SPNFanStories

This isn't like on of my normal posts so bear with me.

If you follow me on twitter or instagram - which you totally should @qiratulain because I'm hilarious, maybe, maybe not - then you might know that I am a huuuugggeee fan of the show Supernatural.

Supernatural is a show about, well supernatural stuff. It has vampires and werewolves, angels and demons, and ghosts and jinns and practically every creepy thing you've heard of in stories or myths or in movies. But that's not all the show is about. The essence of the show is the relationship between the two main characters - Sam and Dean Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, respectively). The Winchesters are brothers that have been brought up to lead life as hunters. They're sort of like the experts in all things paranormal.

The show runs on The CW channel in the US and is in it's 11th Season - which is a major accomplishment, since the shows previous longest running show was Smallville, which ran for 10 seasons!

I've been watching the show for around 9/10 years. Religiously. 
I remember watching the show when I was 12 or 13 and becoming engrossed by it. I love shows that have anything to do with sci-fi, paranormal or just generally gory stuff.
The episode I watched was near the end of the second season I think and I remember thinking how awesome it was that these guys were fighting monsters. To me, they were like real life ghost busters, except it was a show so technically not real life, but I think you l know what I mean. 
I spent an entire two weeks trying to find old episodes and watching them - in ways that may or may not be correct. The thing that drew me in about the show was the fact that it was all about family. Fighting monsters was the "Family Business". No matter what happens the brothers stick together, they have their fair share of fall outs, but ultimately they stay together.

My favourite character without a doubt is Dean Winchester. He's manly and willing to get his hands dirty, and has the best one-liners on the show. Not to mention he's smoking hot and made me feel all sorts of things in the past 10 years! Swoooooon 
I relate to Dean in the way that he has the traits you would find in most first-born siblings. Protective of your siblings and loved ones. You're the one on whose shoulders responsibility falls, or so we think. For me, the fact that I can relate to Dean always kept me attached to the show. There were real emotions at play here guys.
I guess it was this "relationship" that helped make me a little bit of who I am. The way he feels responsible for others around him is something I feel is engrained in me too, because I too am a first-born sibling. I can't help being that person who worries about things. I want to fix things, but I want them done my way.
I'm an emotional person by nature. When I get angry I cry. When I'm sad I cry. Relating to Deans character is helping me become a little bit more tough I guess. I'm learning to not cry so much. I still do cry, but I'm trying to cope. 
Another thing I can totally relate to, and I think you guys can tell from my blog and twitter, is his love for food!!!

Supernatural really has influenced my life in a way I didn't really know until last year when I was going through some really hard shit.The struggle the brothers go through everyday, fighting the bad guys, the emotional drama. They go through a hell of a lot -  literally and figuratively - and yet at the end of the day for them it's family. Not just blood family either, but the ones we choose. Last year these lessons became really important to me in the sense that no matter what trouble or emotional drama I'm going through I know my family -  blood or not - will be there with me. To support me. The relationship the brothers share taught me that at times some of us think our life is meaningless and there's no point to it, but in reality there is. Our life is entwined with so many other lives. You don't realise the impact somebody has on your life, and vice versa, until its gone. 
The show, and the actors that play the characters, taught me that in life we need to appreciate what matters the most. The people around us. We shouldn't give up. We should Always Keep Fighting.
I came to the realisation that this show is about fighting monsters and creatures and it doesn't need to portray any message, most sci-fi type shows don't. But this show did and if a show can try to teach us a lesson then we might as well learn something. 

That's why I have started a new project; dedicated to this show, the cast and crew, but really for the fans. My story probably has no real essence to it, but there are so many people our there, so many fans who have been influenced by this show, and everything associated with it, in ways I can't even imagine. People have learnt how to deal with loss and illness. Learnt to celebrate and feel emotion.

My project is a take on the "Humans of New York" account in that I have set up an instagram account dedicated to Fan stories. I want fans to send in their stories about how this show and the people surrounding it have influenced their lives. Whether they've been to conventions or not, whether they've been fans for years or only just started last year. It doesn't matter. What matters is what you feel about the show and your story.

The Instagram account and twitter account are both @SPNFanStories and the email address is

So send in your stories, with pictures if you want, and share it with the rest of the fandom.
Maybe one of the cast or crew will see it and it will help them and you both.


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