Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Farewell 2015; It's time for a change

I haven't been feeling myself the past few weeks; going through a rough patch of sorts and I've neglected so many aspects of my life, including this blog. However, it's almost the end of the year and I thought it would be a good idea to have a look at my resolutions from the start of the year, and just sum it all up; talk out my feelings about life and this blog.

Let's start off with my Resolutions for 2015 that I listed in this  "New Year's Resolution" post:

  1. To eat better - I did eat better at the start of the year, but it sort of failed around September. Maybe 2016 will be different.
  2. To exercise at least 3 times a week - In terms of exercise I started off slow, with the continuous back problems, but I have been exercising more often, especially during the last few months attending weekly Zumba classes and swimming and general workouts at home. The holiday period has been a bit of a set back but I'm hoping to carry on exercising next year and actually see results.
  3. To blog more often - This one I feel confused on. I mean I blogged a lot more during the start of the year, but recently I felt disconnected. Again I hope all this changes next year.
  4. To read more  - I have been reading a lot more over the past year, not just pharmacy books, and I have a few "Reading Revolution" posts up my sleeve.
  5. Save money -  Not even gonna lie about this - #EPICFAIL
  6. Stay in contact with friends and family more - I feel like this is a mixed one again that has truly been tested this year, what with all my friends moving away. I have been in contact with most of them and do see them as often as I can. It's difficult though with all the stresses of adult life, sometimes we go months without seeing each other, and even weeks without texting!!!
  7. Become less attached to technology - I'm still thinking this one through......
I feel like I achieved almost all of them, to some extent throughout the year. Obviously some of these will be carried on to next year, because I feel like they are still relevant.

Overall, 2015 has been a mixed bag sort of year for me, with both high's and lows. I've learnt a lot this year, both about myself and life in general.
I've learnt that if I really put my mind to it, and I mean really really, then I can achieve the things I want to achieve; whether it be weight loss, or trying out a new hobby, or a new job. I also learnt that in tough times I like to comfort eat, so all that weight I lost came back, with added interest.
I've lost someone close to me this year, and had a lot of emotional issues this year, which I coped well with until about September/October time, when uni re-started. I think the loss of my friends and all the emotional stress from the start of the year started piling up and over the past few weeks I had a phase of just not doing anything. I was uninterested in life. I was a robot; mechanically doing everyday tasks.

Being away from the blog has given me time to reflect on what I wanted to achieve this year, and what I actually achieved, as well as giving me ideas on what to do with it next year.
A lot of the posts on my blog this year have been about my failed attempt to lose weight, and all the struggles I have been dealing with. I suppose that's what a blog is for though right? It's my little corner on the inter-web to rant about whatever I want, whether it's my struggle to get fit and healthy, or the latest book I've read or just a rant. I feel like I say that all the time. Not only have I been struggling with my health and all, but I've been struggling trying to continue with this blog. It's like I have all these ideas going around in my head for all the different posts that I want to write, but when I open up the page my mind goes blank. It's like my hands don't know how to type.

I don't actually know what I want to say to be honest, but I guess I just want to say that I'm going to try harder to be more consistent with posts that interest me and are more relevant to my life.

Anyway, moving on.....
I know this post has probably ended up as a rant of sorts, which I totally didn't want, but it was nice to get it all off my chest and look to start the new year with a fresh mind.
None of this makes sense at this point, but whatever

I hope you guys have had a wonderful holiday season, I wish you all an amazing new year and hope that 2016 is absolutely amazing for you!!


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