Thursday, October 23, 2014

Face Masks 1 : Exfoliating

Hey guys

Over the past few months I've gone a little mask crazy - no not like the Jim Carrey movie, but with face masks. I've accumulated quite a few masks and I thought it was time to do a little show-and-tell.
In this post I'll talk about my favourite exfoliating masks, and in my second post next week I shall discuss masks that clarify and deeply cleanse my skin.

I have dry and sensitive skin with the occasional oily patch.
The dry part of my skin needs exfoliation, but the sensitive side doesn't like abrasive and harsh beads or scrubs. The oily patches need a little clarifying to prevent blemishes etc, but the dry side doesn't want to be made any drier than it is.
So finding the right face mask is pretty hard.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Journey to Health 3: Snack Bars

Hey guys, I love food. I mean who doesn't? It's one of life's greatest pleasures. A guilty pleasure though, because the maj...
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