Monday, August 18, 2014

Journey to Health 2 : Take Your Time and Keep At It!

Hey guys

When I was younger I was a little bit OCD. I had to do my homework on the day it was given. I had to complete my assignment and coursework a week before the deadline. I had to have everything organised.
You know that kid in class who you knew always did their homework and extra reading? Yup, I was that kid.
I always felt that if I didn't have everything done the moment I was given it, then I would fail. But that's not the case. I started secondary school and realised that it's OK for me to take my time. It's OK to relax and start your homework or assignment the next day.
I still did my work before the deadline and was a good student (cue angelic music) but I learned to relax and not be so OCD.

I recently realised that the same rule applies to my life, especially in regards to my lifestyle choices.
A new, healthy lifestyle isn't something that you can suddenly start one day and expect to complete a marathon at the end of the week. A new lifestyle is for life, so it's OK for you to take small steps.
This post is to say it's OK.
 It's OK if you can't finish your first workout properly, or that you feel completely out of breath at the end of it and can't walk.
It's OK if you have a cheat day and eat pizza when you're meant to be on a strict no-carb diet.

I've always wanted to be healthy but had the mindset that if I don't lose weight at the end of the week or can't start running a marathon in a month then I've failed and that it's all a waste of time. I would give up and carry on being unhealthy.
But now I've realised that it will take time. I can't break out of all my bad habits in one day, or get super thin at the end of my workout (no matter how much I measure myself the number stays the same!). Instead I need to persevere and keep at it, and eventually I will reach the place I want to be.

I'm trying really hard to be healthy but I still have off days - in fact just before writing this post I shared a big bag of crisps with my sister, but that's OK - I'll just work extra hard tomorrow.
Think of yourself as a baby learning to walk, you're going to fall, but you just need to pick yourself up again and carry on at it until one day you don't just walk but run (figuratively and literally).

Anyway that's all I wanted to say today. I know that there are thousands of success stories out there of people who have lost weight or become healthier and they all have one thing in common. They all took their time and persevered.
I know I won't lose weight and drop 2 dress sizes in a month, but I'm going to try my hardest to eat healthy and exercise - and maybe, just maybe, I might actually achieve that goal.

Till next time

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