Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dairy-Free Diaries: Week 4

Hey guys

Week 4 has come to an end which means my 4 weeks Dairy-Free diet has come to an end too. Now before I talk about how this entire experience has been let me confess that I have had a couple of slip ups this week. Saturday night became cheat night as I divulged into a pizza with my family. The pizza was amazing and I had missed it a lot, but I was also itchy the next day. My eczema had flared up and my face had started to go red. Memo to self: don't eat three pizza slices without having an antihistamine.

I'm pretty pleased with myself for going four weeks without dairy and only having a couple of slip ups. 

Trust me when I say it was a lot harder than I had anticipated. They say that you don't realise the importance of something until it's gone, which is kind of apt for this situation. Before cutting lactose/dairy out of my diet clearly I didn't realise just how many products contain lactose.
When you think of dairy or lactose you instantly think of milk and cheese and yoghurts etc. But you don't realise that it would be in crisps, cereals, noodles, biscuits etc. Yes, there are dairy free alternatives but not for everything.

Now that my four weeks are up it is time to go all out on the cheese and chocolate. As per the doctor's instructions after my 4 weeks of no-lactose I have to re-introduce lactose in my diet. Now eating cheese and chocolate will be amazing because I love them, but I know I'll have to deal with accompanying rash.
So from now the Dairy-Free Diaries shall be replaced with the Dairy-Full Diaries!

Till next time dudes


Thursday, March 06, 2014

Dairy-Free Diary - Week 3


Saturday, March 01, 2014

14 Things about February!


Saturday, March 01, 2014

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