Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dairy-Free Diary : Week 2

Hey guys

Sorry I'm a little late with this weeks Dairy-Free diary but uni has been killing me. My life is nonexistent right now!

Anyway this weeks post will be very short as I don't really have much to say. I did relapse once this week on Saturday evening when I went out for a work meal but only because there was no lactose free food on the menu. Which has me quite annoyed really. I mean there are so many restaurants in this country but only a fraction of them have food that is lactose-free. It took so many years for restaurants to start incorporating gluten-free food into their menus, I wonder how long it will take them to have lactose-free menus.
I have discovered one amazing thing this week - Caffe Nero is my hero. I mean I loved their hot chocolate before but after finding out that they can substitute the milk for soya milk has made my life so much better. I mean there is a slight price difference of around 30-ish pence but well worth it. They even do milkshakes using soya milk, although they may not be as thick as regular ones since the thickening agent has lactose in it (Thanks for the info nice barista of Caffe Nero!).

Another great brand is Alpro! I already love their Hazelnut Milk but recently I discovered their chocolate desserts and I'm undecided. I mean the desserts were nice and satisfied my chocolate craving but I don't really know how I feel about them truly. They had a slight after-taste which wasn't the best. The chocolate milk cartons on the other hand are beautiful. They taste just like milkshake and aren't too expensive, around £1.30 for a box of three 250ml cartons.

Oh and I also had my Graze box delivered this week, which was quite nice. Graze have an option on their website where they allow you to select a dairy-free range of snacks. I didn't opt for this option because my other family members also eat the snacks from the Graze box so there wasn't much need but if you are looking for some healthy dairy-free snacks then check them out too.

I have tried to mix up my diet a bit with a lot more fruits incorporated into it and making use of the dairy free products out there, but there's not much. I've yet to find a dairy-free ice cream so that is my new mission.
In terms of how I've coped this week I think I've been alright. I mean it has been slightly difficult at uni when I need to grab a quick bite to eat and all the sandwiches have butter or cheese in them, so I have had to get take out for four days this week. I feel like my body is a bag of grease right now! I need some greens in me!!!!
Now that I am used to reading the ingredients and know that some things are a definite no-no I feel like I'm coping much better. Although I think the major factor is that I know I only have two weeks left of this. The fact that my eczema and rash have all cleared up are an indicator that I probably do have a lactose allergy,  but since I've been having chocolates and cheese all my life I feel the key is to eat it in moderation.

So this was week 2. Not really much to say although I have given you guys some products to check out. Let me know if you already use them or want to by commenting.

Till next time

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