Sunday, June 30, 2013

A new start. A new blog.

Hey dudes

So I've decided to reconstruct the blog and start it from scratch. Again. 

To be honest with you all I'm not entirely new to blogging, but I'm still very much in the "beginner/amateur" phase. 
I'm not a regular blogger. I always say I will be but in the end I'll probably blog regularly for a couple of weeks and then nothing for months. 
But that is all to change. Hopefully.
Before when I attempted blogging I lacked a purpose, a reason to blog. I didn't know what to blog about, how to blog etc. 
But now I know what my blog will be about, sort of. I'm not saying that I've suddenly had a breakthrough idea and I'll create the most amazing blog you'll ever read.
No. All I'm saying is that I have an idea for my blog and I hope that it works out. 

So what is this idea?
Well like a lot of people out there I have a tendency to buy things or do things after I hear about it from other people. Whether its reviews about a makeup product or a TV program or a book review, to comments about the latest diet or the new food place in town. Whatever it is, a lot of us tend to do this. Admit it you do.
So I've decided that this is what I shall do. 
I shall write reviews and recommendations about stuff I've done or used, and hope that it helps people out there.

But I won't just write reviews. This is still my blog so I might talk about stuff in my life. 

Anyway I think that this is enough for today. I'll do another post soon once I know what to talk about.

Adios amigos

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